Investing in Mortgage Notes | Kristin Gerst | Jess Marshall Podcast #20

Investing in Mortgage Notes | Kristin Gerst | Jess Marshall Podcast #20

On this episode, I’m sitting down with Kristin Gerst and we talk all about her occupation in Demonstrate Investing & Demonstrate Buying. We also discuss the advantages of investing in notes vs. attempting to search out properties, how she got started, and also launch your scoot!

Fancy y’all!

0: 00 Introduction
0: 58 Transferring to Portland, Oregon
6: 00 College and Marriage
8: 08 Being Born in France
11: 50 Working & Starting up Motherhood
17: 31 Buying My First Property
20: 15 Self-Managing and Vetting Renters
23: 16 Transferring into Increase
25: 00 Quit attempting to search out properties, launch attempting to search out investor notes!
26: 19 What’s a Demonstrate?
29: 50 Handling Non-Performing Notes
33: 57 Owner Financing and Predatory Patrons
40: 20 Learning Notes & Networking
48: 20 Changing actual into a Accomplice and Discovering a Mentor
51: 15 Affirming Factual Investor Relationships
53: 00 What’s a Most in style Return?
54: 00 Performing Notes
58: 00 Realtors
1: 01: 25 Why Seize Owner Financing?
1: 13: 43 Discovering a precise deal & final affected person all the contrivance via COVID
1: 23: 04 Buying Notes is Recession Proof
1: 36: 10 Taking a look for newly grads & Working AirBnbs
1: 39: 30 Being a “guru” & Writing a E book
1: 41: 07 Passing Notes and Join
1: 44: 20 The “BRRRR Formula”

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