Inside England’s second most deprived area – BBC Newsnight

Inside England’s second most deprived area – BBC Newsnight

Newsnight is following a community in Knowsley on Merseyside over the next five months to see how people are affected by the cost-of-living crisis. The area is one of the most deprived in the country, with over 25% of children living in low-income households.

Victoria Derbyshire meets Steph Cargill, a single mother of two who works part time and struggles to pay her bills. Some months she gets down to her last pound. She’d like to work full time but wouldn’t be able to afford the childcare required.
36-year-old Gary See runs the local community centre which serves hot meals for free to those who need them and runs a heavily discounted ‘social supermarket’ providing kitchen staples at discounted prices. He drives his van to deliver essentials to those in need – from food parcels to electric blankets.

He tells Newsnight that one mother, whose child had attended activities at the centre, told him she was happy because her children were able to get washed there.

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