Anatomy of a Killing – BBC Info

Anatomy of a Killing – BBC Info

In July 2018 a horrifying video began to depart into on social media. It shows two girls folks and two small kids being led away at gunpoint by a team of Cameroonian troopers. The captives are blindfolded, pressured to the bottom, and shot 22 cases.


The authorities of Cameroon in the foundation pushed aside the video as “deceptive news.” Nonetheless BBC Africa Observe, by plan of forensic prognosis of the photos, can existing precisely where this came about, when it came about, and who is accountable for the killings.

Warning: this video contains annoying bellow

Investigation by Aliaume Leroy and Ben Strick.
Produced by Daniel Adamson and Aliaume Leroy.
Motion Graphics: Tom Flannery

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